Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tribute to my camera

It's not much of a camera, being a fairly backward digital one... but in the few years it's spent in my possession, it's been through a lot. It's learnt to be tough, to weather shocks (and the weather too). It's led a very interesting life, if a precarious one. I doubt any other camera could claim to have been dropped quite so many times on a variety of surfaces in a variety of countries. And what's more, it came out pretty much unscathed. It even survived being swept off from a ledge onto the floor (of course by accident) - all that happened was that the hinged flap that keeps the battery compartment shut fell off. Actually, it didnt so much fall off as almost EXPLODE off in the violence of the camera's abrupt crash onto the floor. It took a little time and effort to put the flap back... but it got fixed, and my camera still worked! It survived even that rather violent accident.

Alas, it didnt survive my husband stepping on it...(accidentally)...

Goodbye, dear camera. Thankyou for the many happy memories and hours of shutterbugging, enshrined in the hundreds of photos taken over the years. Goodbye, my faithful Olympus C-960 ZOOM Digital Camera.

Rest In Pieces...Blowing Nose

And hello-in-anticipation, new digital camera with all the cool, esoteric, hi-funda hi-tech functions...
Drooling Bouncy Smiley


Harish said...

Awww.. I'm sorry! :(

Ever considered donating its lens to Nethralaya? Or was it the first to go? :)

As Kneel Brainstorm said, "One small step for man, a giant leap (to paralogam) for camerakind."

F e r r a r i said...


Please do tell me the camera you are buying. Am planning to buy a new one as well :-D.

And in return, if you want, I can kick Harish next time I meet him at chennai

Ravi said...

Awww....that was sad, Shyam. In fact, I vouch for your feelings. Today, I dropped my cellphone - my beloved cellphone - and its gotten a scratch here and there. I feel so miserable ever since...........I'm gonna go home and sulk. Perhaps bunk and watch another movie. :)

None said...

the prayer of the camera loser:

father forgive them cos they know not what they do. p.s.especially since they are planning to buy us a new hi-tech, hi-fi digital camera! :)


Shyam said...

Prabhu, I'll take up your offer with pleasure ;) Of course I'll let you know what make and style of camera I'll be getting. :)

Rums... the camera didnt have a prayer (so to speak) ;)

Ravi - Sorry about your phone but I have to say I really admire your method of sulking... stylish and entertaining at the same time. :)

And Harish - Just You Wait! :)


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