Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who was at fault for Jacintha Saldanha's suicide?

I'll tell you who - Jacintha Saldanha, that's who. Everybody is going nuts blaming the two Aussie radio DJs for her death, but the simple truth is that it was not their fault, any more than it was your fault or my fault, that Mrs Saldanha died - it was entirely and only of her own doing, and nobody else can be held responsible.
She was probably mentally disturbed or stressed or something, in the first place, because can you imagine anyone else killing themselves over a stupid prank that made NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER to anybody, least of all Kate Middleton? It shouldn't have made a difference to Mrs Saldanha either. She wasn't being persecuted by the tabloids - in fact, she hadn't been "outed" as the nurse who was taken in by the DJs, and not even her name was mentioned until she turned up dead. Until then she was only "a nurse" or "the nurse who". The truth is that literally nobody (outside of her immediate colleagues, perhaps) knew who she was, until she turned up dead by her own hand.

I assume that she was not British-born and bred, otherwise she might have recognised the accents of the DJs as Australian, or at least as not British. That she didnt realise it wasn't the Queen and Prince Philip was, therefore, not surprising. It wasn't like she gave away state secrets to the DJs, or revealed anything really personal about Kate - I mean, she didn't say "yeah, Kate's had trouble taking a dump because of her haemorrhoids", did she? She did absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or worried about, and an honest mistake is not a sackable offence. At worst, it would have been a mildly embarrassing issue.

I sincerely believe that it takes a special kind of stupid for someone to be so incredibly, selfishly sensitive over a non-issue and kill themselves without a thought for their children. Well, either that or mental illness. Either way, the DJs are not to blame. What are entertainers meant to do, check with potential "prankees" and get their permission in writing before they play a harmless prank on them?

As it is, the swiftness with which this nurse killed herself is the ONLY reason the Daily Mail got to harass the Aussie DJs and not her. Otherwise the Daily Mail would definitely have discovered who she was, published her photo and that of her children and husband and pets and more than likely the £250,000 family home in London, played up her gullibility in falling for the prank, run an opinion piece by one of their "calumnists" (as I term them) on how if the nurse had been White British rather than Indian she would have realised the Queen doesn't speak Aussie, and added a couple of sidebars on how immigrants from India are stealing away jobs that rightly belong to the British, and how asylum seekers are living in luxury off British taxpayers in a £1.5 million home for free.
*deeeeeeeeeep breath* 

There. Now I'm done.