Friday, April 28, 2006

This is ART?

Group hugging is ART? Since when? A publicity gimmick, yes. A minor feat of logistics, yes. Even a nice gesture, yes with a bit of stretch. But art? I dont think so. The "artists" here, who are from China, chanced upon this mass hugging thing because of the lack of hugging in their country. I dunno, but I cant offhand think of many countries whose inhabitants go around en masse, hugging strangers uninvited and at random... and what about their statement that they have organised group hugs in "different ways". How many ways are there to bug a stranger?

Art. Huh!

On the other hand, since there are artists whose works include old crumpled newspapers, soiled underclothes, even natural bodily functions (or the products thereof), I guess I dont mind group hugging as art - it's innocuous enough to be an acceptable gimmick and your stomach doesnt churn at the thought of the artists or their "work".