Thursday, July 21, 2011

Knock knock

I haven't seen/read/heard this knock-knock joke before, so I'm going to take the credit for it until someone says different. Although, coming to think of it, it's really rather obvious, so perhaps someone else has invented it. However, here it is:

Knock knock
Who's there?
Zoe who?
Zoe Wanamaker
Wanamaker do what?

And that's how it goes :) By the way, Zoe Wanamaker is the star of the British sitcom "My Family". For the non-Brits, she's in the Harry Potter movies as Madame Hooch.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Limerick-Off Monday

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I really enjoyed doing this one! And I definitely had a few guys in mind when composing the limerick :)

The prompt was: "A fellow I tried to ignore".

A fellow I tried to ignore
Because he was a colossal bore
Refused to go away
(Too stupid, I daresay)
In men, traits I very much deplore.

Updated to add: I thought of a better version! Here's the new improved (or so I imagine):

A fellow I tried to ignore
Because he was a colossal bore
Didn't take the hint
(Too stupid to, I think)...
In men, traits I very much deplore.

"Hint" and "Think" don't quite rhyme, I know... but which version do you think sounds better? (My choice is pretty clear.)

I'm going to try writing Here's one for "A woman I tried to ignore":
A woman I tried to ignore
Kept on carping about my d├ęcor.
Did she have any right
To get quite so uptight
When I finally showed her the door?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunday Scribblings - "Woods"

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Have you ever changed the name of a song inadvertently (either by mishearing or through simple ignorance), and even if it later you found out the actual title, you felt that your version was far more descriptive?

Well, I think I should have had the opportunity to let the Beatles know that “Norwegian Wood” should really have been “Norwegian Girl”. I mean, it was more about a girl than it was about wood – Norwegian or otherwise! He wasn’t having an affair with any wood, was he?

I may not have got the chance to say this to John Lennon, but I did say it a few years ago – in rather huffy self-defence, admittedly – to my friend Jason, a fanatical Beatles admirer, when he wouldn’t stop teasing me about my perfectly innocent mistake. Not that it got me out of the woods…

Another such occasion was a few years back further still, when I was in school. For some reason I'd got it into my head that the Def Leppard song "Pour some sugar on me" was actually "Throw some sugar on me". It didnt make much sense to me either way at the time... throw, pour - big difference!

Again, not that my mumbled explanation cut any ice with my friend S, whose amusement at the time I found to be both unwarranted and excessive. I guess he was easily amused, or there was nothing better going on in his life at that point... did I mention that he got an awful lot of entertainment from one simple mistake?

Or maybe he was high on something, come to think of it...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Limerick-Off Monday

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Last week's limerick-off pretty much impossible to do, mainly because I found it really difficult but also because I didn't have enough time to think... but this one for the prompt "A gal who was lovely and fair" practically wrote itself.

A gal who was lovely and fair
Always wore dresses that were “barely there”;
Said she, when asked why:
“It's true, I'm shy,
- but I like to make the men stare.”