Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Droopy pants - scraping the bottom of the fashion barrel

Fashion is a subjective thing, I've always been told by its adherents, whenever I expressed my wonderment (and amusement) at some of the frankly ridiculous creations paraded up and down ramps all over the world. I honestly doubt that they could ever be worn by real people in the real world. At least, not without incurring a great deal of ridicule and puzzlement.

But there IS a "style" - so to speak - adopted by some teenagers and young adults that sets my teeth on edge any time I see them. It's the one where they wear ridiculously baggy, ripped/torn/wrinkled jeans so low on their hips along with their underwear that half their ass is hanging out. I absolutely LOATHE the - ugh - "style". One of these days, I'm going to give in to temptation and tug their pants down entirely. Believe me, it would take very very little effort to do so, as the pants are extremely loosely anchored!

I guess it annoys me immensely that people actually pay good money (and lots of it) to buy clothes that look like the ones worn by the very very poor in India and other third-world countries. THEIR asses hang out because they cant afford better, and better-fitting, clothes... and here are these stupid, well-heeled, lamebrained, fashionable youths slouching along in deliberately damaged trousers that would each cost enough to clothe an entire Indian family from head to toe!

*phew* Ok, that's one rant out of my system for now :) I do have an idea, though... perhaps the poor people from various countries could make money by exporting their torn, dirty, ill-fitting clothes to such fashion-conscious teenagers. That would be entirely satisfying to me.

Be that as it may, here is a news item that I came across just now, which cheered me up very much indeed. I'm no admirer of the American South, but I do think the state of Virginia has taken a step in the right direction. It has banned droopy drawers on pain of a $50 fine for the offence. Three cheers!


F e r r a r i said...

"One of these days, I'm going to give in to temptation and tug their pants down entirely." :-)) Ha ha good one.
I think many people have the same idea(But different intention).

But shyam, in the era of designer underwear(??) how will these people get to show what they are wearing :-D

And yeah this is there very much in India as well. Not much in chennai. But in other cities. aaargh!!

None said...



Shyam said...

Prabhu... those people with "other ideas" would probably not be impressed with what's hanging out of those horrible drawers! ;)

Radha said...

Another idea - how about if you tug the pants up high around their necks and then pull the belt REALLY tight?! That would be one hell of a wedgie :P

Radha said...

BTW, glad to know your writer's block is broken... I've been bored these last couple weeks, not finding anything new in your blog :)

Shyam said...

Thank you, Radha :) Always pleased to hear from appreciative fans! ;)

Anonymous said...

U betcha. It makes me mad. Coz most of what's hanging out is soooo gross. And they have these artfully ripped and torn jeans too!! here, in nz, i have noticed another thing. the jeans are complimented by bare feet.And the last straw is those yucky hairstyles. I just feel like putting a few tablespoons on oil and using a huge comb with a lot of force!!Gee

Harish said...

It's the in thing in my college too..
You can always hear someone mutter "manasula Simran nenappu" as one of the Anti-fit Droopy Jean clad fashion statement maker goes by.
And it isn't a compliment, really. Boys don't like to be called Simran! :)

Ravi said... have no idea how much I laughed reading that line where you propose to give in to the temptation of yanking down their ..whatever! You've made my day with that comment! Loooove it! On a serious note, yeah, its disgusting and loathesome. I've seen many teenagers in New Delhi's hep places and malls adopt this style. All I can think is that they are inviting trouble for themselves!

Prabz said...

"Droopy Pants with ass poppin out"
"Jeans for girls with their navel blinkin out"
so.. lets say.. what about the "Jannal vacha jacket"? Or the 'Low cut blouse'?
Showing skin is fashion now.. guess freedom of fashion is revoked in VA.. hee hee.. :)

Orange Fronkey said...

YESSSSSSssssssss LOL... I can now post a comment... I :P

Hi :)


AUGUSTBORN said... in the world did you find out that link...?