Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Snigger snigger

Couldnt help laughing at this news - Prince Charles and Camilla have been forbidden to spend the night together before their wedding... on the Queen's express and stern orders. I believe they've tried their best to make her change her mind, but the Queen stands firm. What sudden sense of propriety has got into the old lady? After all, the bride and groom are 55+ years old, have two children each, are both divorced and, not the least, have spent a good deal of the last 30 years together - and a lot of that sneakily! All in all, the Queen's edict is just SO ridiculous! :)

Wonder if Charles is going to sneak down to Camilla's bedroom (or vice versa) on the night of April 7... or maybe the Queen will not only force them to sleep in separate rooms, but also in separate castles - just to be on the safe side! They have enough of those anyway... rooms AND castles!


Anonymous said...

'No sex please. We're British.' You think THAT'S what prompted this sudden sense of royal propriety? All I have to say is "well goodness gracious me!" (to be read with appropriate peter sellers accent!)
-- Brinda

Ravi said...

They might have rooms/castles but the moot point is whether there is enough room er, brains in the collective British monarchy! If you ask me, they are a bunch of buffoons and they are taking the people for a royal ride with their tomfoolery! :)

Anonymous said...

Heheh... No, I think brains have been bred out of the Royals :)