Monday, October 31, 2011

Limerick-Off Monday

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Coming up, a limerick from the "It Serves Her Right" school of limerickery...

A woman who just let it slip
That she was going on a trip
To the Aloha state
With another woman's mate
Soon found her friends had all jumped ship.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunday Scribblings - "The Backyard"

I prefer to call it “the back”, because that way it is, in a manner of speaking, non-denominational – nobody’s likely to get the impression that “the back” is a structured garden or a neat lawn or even a proper backyard. Because “the back” really is, simply put, a mess. No more, no less. I’m no good at growing things, too squeamish to do any serious gardening in case I encounter any slugs, snails or other creepy crawlies, and don’t know how to maintain a manicured lawn (and don’t particularly care to know – what’s the point? It’s at the BACK! Hardly anyone gets to see it!).

However, nobody who’s not actually a visitor to my house needs to know that, which is why I’m boldly stating this on my blog. What if someone reads this post, you ask? Well, so what? The three people (my guesstimate) who might conceivably stumble upon this post at some point in the future will read about “the back” at my house - but it won’t do them any good because they will not know what it actually looks like.

No, I will not be putting up any photographs.

I may have outed “the back” of my house here like a sleazy insinuating gossip columnist, but I'm going to retain at least a vestige of its dignity (and mine) by not sinking to the level of the shameless paparazzi...

Limerick-Off Monday

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My limerick for this week, after a bit of a gap in taking part.

When I saw the first-line prompt, the first phrase to pop into my head was "tell-tale tail" - and, of course, once it got in, there was no getting it out, so I ended up writing the limerick to accommodate the phrase. Some phrases are just such bullies - they forcibly occupy my brain and then throw their weight around, overcoming other, gentler ideas that are easily cowed into submission...


A woman was telling a tale
Of an experience that turned her pale.
One day she found proof
That a rat lived under her roof –
She knew by its tell-tale tail.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Limerick-Off Monday

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Forgot to post this on my blog on Monday, but heyho, at least I managed to get it across to Madeleine's blog! Also, it's not exactly the same as what I posted there - I've tweaked it just a teensy bit because I think it sounds better. Is this much too contrived? What do you think?

A guy in the mood for a bite
Went out feeling quite uptight.
He took a gander
At a man called Evander
And took a chunk from his ear in a fight.