Thursday, June 20, 2013

MR vs Mrs

Anybody notice that MS Word changes "MRS" to "Mrs" in any Word document, the first time around? 

See, if you're addressing something to "MR AND MRS BLANK", MS Word automatically changes it to "MR AND Mrs BLANK". 

Typing it the other way around - that is, as "MRS AND MR BLANK" (on the basis that perhaps the word that comes after "and" gets downsized from all caps) - gets you the same result: "Mrs AND MR BLANK". You have to go back and retype the "Mrs" as "MRS" to make it stay that way. 

I think it's a sexism in play - albeit in a small way, but irritating to me because I tend to address envelopes to clients with the names and address in all caps as it's easier that way - except for this little hitch. 

And did I mention it's sexist?

Disclaimer: There might be some way of turning off this annoying feature, but I for one don't know of it. Ideas, anyone? 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

When I'm in the driving seat

against all established convention, my number one rule for cyclists (bi-, not motor-) is:

(1) To be, first and foremost, sat at home. 
This way, I need not worry about them being out on their bicycles at all.

If (1) is not possible, my number two rule is: 
(2) To ride only on the pavement. 
This way, I need not worry about them being on the road. 

If (1) and (2) are not possible, my number three rule is:
(3) They should be the slow-moving, unfit, huffing-and-puffing kind. 
That way, they're not zipping around at 25-30 miles an hour on main roads under the erroneous impression that they're equal to moving cars that are trying to pass them but can't get up enough speed between oncoming cars to actually get past them (the cyclists) because they (the cyclists) are zipping along at that exact speed which is amazing for pedal power but is not in the least amazing for someone driving a car. 

Do you see why some motorists (obviously those less patient, kind or even-tempered than I) are overcome by road rage when a skinny cyclist in ridiculous headgear and tight-fitting neon clothes on a racing bike doesn't allow them to get past? 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's toast

Today I make a confession. I love cold toast. Sure, toast with melting butter sinking into its pores is nice twice over - once because it's hot, and again because dude, it's BUTTER! If you must eat toast, it's gotta have real butter on it. Not olive oil spread, not vegetable-oil spread, not "lighter, spreadable" butter, or I-cant-believe-it's-not-butter non-butter... none of that. It's got to be the best organic butter that you can lay your paws on. 

And, in my humble opinion, that same flavourful real butter on cold toast is just unbeatable. The butter shouldn't come straight from the fridge - that makes it impossible to spread evenly on the toast. No, the butter should be at room temperature and spreadable. 

Think about it - when the toast is cold, it doesn't get a chance to get soggy from the melting butter. With cold toast, the toast stays crunchy, the butter stays buttery. The toast-must-be-eaten-hot camp don't know what they're missing. 

One last thing... if you're in the market for good strawberry preserves, like me, then try the preserves slathered over the butter on the cold toast. It's probably one of my guiltiest pleasures.