Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Facebook drama

One of the things I find most annoying about some people on Facebook is the way they create fake drama to attract sympathetic or encouraging comments from their friends and acquaintances. Things like "I've been wanting to write this status all day but due to some people felt intimidated". Or a vague statement like "People I call friends may pull me down but they can go to hell because I will just keep getting up" - cue all the comments about that person being strong and how they love that person. And of course those comments will require individual "Love you so much" responses. There's so much love doing the rounds on Facebook, it's just amazing that it hasn't won the Nobel Peace Prize yet! 

(By the way, this is me and I don't use textspeak or stupid spellings, but more often than not, Facebook dramatics involve spellings like "Haterz" and "Frens" - which doesn't exactly help endear those people to me. They won't care, of course, because that's just how strong they are in adversity. Not that they would phrase it that way.)

Yes, I do know you can avoid fake drama on Facebook by unfriending the dramatists or choosing not to see any more posts from them. I do that regularly but the odd dramatic post still does get through. That's why I felt a pressing need to let off some steam! 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Right temperatures, wrong season

Ok, there's a chance that I might regret saying this... but for goodness' sake, where's the cold weather? It's nearly November, it should be cold - not necessarily rainy, but cold! Instead, it's a wishy-washy 12-14 degrees Celsius, which to my mind is summer temperatures, not in the least suitable for autumn-turning-to-winter! 

That said, sometimes it does get rather nippy, necessitating my heavy winter coat. But the very next day could be incredibly mild - like today was 15 degrees and sunny. What annoys me most of all is that I never seem to wear the right coat, and that is because the weather is so changeable. I want winter temperatures so that I can put away all the other coats and just wear my new, heavy, superwarm winter coat. 

Is there such a thing as a snow dance? I would do a snow dance in a heartbeat!