Friday, February 11, 2005

Royally controversial

Well, the latest hoo-ha here is Prince Charles' proposal of marriage (on bended knee, of course, what else?) to Camilla Parker-Bowles. They're getting married on April 8 in Windsor Castle. Opinions, as always, are divided into three - they should get married, they should NEVER get married and who cares.

Me, I form an indecisive fourth category... I'm not on either side of the fence, or on it even. I'm kind of hovering above. On the one hand it doesnt matter to me if they marry or not. On the other hand I think they've behaved disgracefully down the years, cheating shamelessly on their respective spouses. And then again (I guess this is the third hand, but who's counting), Charles will eventually be King and does the country really want a horse for a Queen? I dont (not that my opinion matters). Even those who think that the couple should marry mostly dont want Camilla to be Queen. So, as decided by the present Queen, she will be called the Princess Consort once she is married to Charles.

I guess that I find the idea of their marriage distasteful because of all the adultery that was going on... I cant help thinking that Charles married Diana only in order to bring in some fresh young blood and beauty into the Royal lineage. And of course, Camilla wasnt suitable for marriage then because she was "not a virgin". So Diana was more or less a highly-bred brood mare, awful as it sounds. And she did her duty - she gave the royal line two sons. Two good-looking sons, to be precise. Imagine if Charles had married Camilla 30 years ago, and they'd had children... boggles the imagination.

But then (fourth hand, and still nobody counting) I guess adultery is in the very genes of Charles and Camilla. After all, their forebears set the precedent, with Camilla's great-grandmother (Alice Keppel) being the controversial and long-time mistress of the then Prince of Wales, Edward VII, starting in 1898. History does repeat itself!

Anyway, since the monarchy is only for show nowadays, I personally want a PROPER show, with a handsome king and a beautiful queen ruling the country, just like in the stories... which, obviously, would rule out (pardon the pun) Charles and Camilla. Yeah, I think he should abdicate, they should get married and go away to do whatever it is that grey-haired, old, blue-blooded people do when their illicit relationship is finally legitimised.

So - William for King... BEFORE he loses all his hair!


Radha said...

"... William for king (before he loses all his hair) ..."

I second that... wholeheartedly!! Let's have William be the king while he's still young and handsome :P

prabz said...

Its kinda stupid this 'king'.. 'queen' culture.. Will the british ever change? Even India doesn't have them anymore ;)
she was "not a virgin" do they know this.. just curious never mind!! :)

Sangeeta said...

I wonder why the unattractive adulterers waited for this long anyway...She won't be Queen, just the Princess of Wales