Thursday, June 26, 2008


Or not. Depends on where you're from and how open you are to new tastes, flavours and textures. As for me, I'm the polar opposite of open. I'm shut tight... shut-bolted-triple-locked-key-thrown-away tight. It's the only way to be, sometimes.


Teesu said...

Uh oh. Were you forced to taste and appreciate something? Am all ears;)

Anonymous said...

Yuck!!!!!!! Blech!!!!!!!!!!! Never ceases to amaze me how humans toture their tummies in the name of food. Isn't it real funny that a scorp sting is poisonous on the skin but a scorp it the tummy isnt? god, gives me the creeps just to think of it. Gee

Anonymous said...

after reading that article,i'd like to tell u, im sht tight.. ..shut bolted triple locked key thrown away as well.