Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ten Literary Characters I Would Totally Make Out With If I Were Single and They Were Real But I’m Not, Single I Mean, I Am Real, But I’m Also Happily

Married So Maybe We Should Just Forget This...
Note: (That was the rest of the meme topic - it wouldnt all fit in the title space!)

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t. How could anybody resist a stealing a meme that’s kinda literary but also frivolous, and most definitely interesting?

PS. If I list a female literary character, it’s because I’m pretending to be a man... so you might as well go with that pretence instead of letting your eyebrows register disapproval - or some other, more prurient feelings!

PPS. If you find this meme interesting, do one of your own and remember to leave me a link. Or just leave your list as a comment here.

PPPS. I'm just nosy :) I want to read about everybody's choices!

So here goes (and not in any particular order):

1. Atticus Finch - the perfect, gentle, principled, courageous, understanding father in To Kill A Mockingbird.
Author: Harper Lee

2. Dusty Miller - the wisecracking, cynical, world-weary explosives expert from The Guns of Navarone. Not very literary, I know... but he was my first proper hero, one whom I worshipped for years!
Author: Alistair Maclean

3. Kim, of the book by the same name - he's just such a cool character.
Author: Rudyard Kipling

4. Samwise Gamgee, from Lord of the Rings. Not as glamorous as Legolas the Elf, not as hugely heroic as Aragorn, not even a major character like the (wimpy and whining, IMHO) hero Frodo... just a solid, uncomplaining, dependable little hobbit.
Author: J R R Tolkien

5. Rhett Butler, from Gone With The Wind. Who doesnt love a cynical guy with a mushy heart? But, I have to add, it's the Rhett Butler of my imagination that I speak of - not the bat-eared, snaggle-toothed Clark Gable. Author: Margaret Mitchell

6. Psmith, with the P silent, hero of the Psmith trilogy. Gotta love the guy who gets his own way, smooth and assured and yet with a social conscience. One of my earliest heroes.
Author: P G Wodehouse

7. Beatrice - She wasnt the heroine of Much Ado About Nothing, but she was the more interesting character with a whiplash tongue and a deadly wit. And yet soft-hearted.
Author: Shakespeare

8. Steve Carella, detective in the 86th Precinct novels. Almost too good to be true, gentle yet macho.
Author: Ed McBain

9. Angua, werewolf-woman and constable in the Discworld novels set in Ankh Morpork. Kickass lady, that. Smart, sassy, dogged, beautiful. Author: Terry Pratchett

10. Dina Dalal, the independent, strong-minded widow in A Fine Balance.
Author: Rohinton Mistry

There are more heroes and heroines, of course... but not enough time to list them all!

Updated to add: When I was speaking to my sister earlier, she pointed out that I'd left out one of the BEST characters from Discworld from my list. And when she mentioned who it was, it seemed quite incredible to me that I'd missed him out. I'm going to rectify that omission right away.

11. DEATH - skeletally thin and tall, compassionate yet dispassionate, the BEST anthropomorphic character ever, who appears in lots of Discworld novels and always always SPEAKS IN SMALL CAPS. Cant imagine why I didnt think of DEATH the first time around...
Author: Terry Pratchett


Teesu said...

What fun, man! Maybe I will take it a step further in MY blog;)

Teesu said...

Oh and Rhett Butler -- wow! Mine's going to start with him -- Clark Gable also. He really WAS cool in the film. I think my list is ACTUALLY longer than I care to admit;)

Hey, don't YOU look at ME, look like you could have gone on another page!:)

brinda said...

heh. when i saw Angua, i thought "she has angua and not DEATH? whassamarrer with shyam?" -- and then saw you HAD included death!! good for radha! oh, and none of dick francis's tall, rich, reticent heroes? and if i made a list, i'd have to include peter wimsey :-) yes, yes, we know what you think of him...

mumbaigirl said...

hmmm. may take this up

Lekhni said...

Psmith? Not Galahad? Though Galahad probably didn't have a social conscience, or any other sort of conscience :)

Btw, you are tagged! I must admit I am looking forward to it.

umm oviya said...

too interesting to resist, check it out on my blog.