Monday, June 09, 2008

First of two tags

This meme is from Shruthi, who never forgets to tag me AND Mandira, who's been kind enough to remember me for the meme. I might have done this one before, but what does that matter? :) Read on...

I am: a realist.
I think: I might have done this tag already, but so what?
I know: I can be unreasonable
I want: to travel travel travel - in comfort!
I have: a loving family and great friends.
I wish: I could get rid of all that’s bad in the world
I hate: manipulative, two-faced people
I miss: those summer holidays when all us cousins would get together at my grandpa's house.
I fear: being a burden.
I feel: itchy and sneezy because of the hayfever
I hear: birds chirping
I smell: my sunblock cream
I crave: for perfect Punjabi samosas, good lassi and lots of talk and laughter with friends
I search: for things that go missing.
I wonder: why people are the way they are.
I regret: not having joined the NCC in school.
I love: books
I ache: when I see people in pain
I care: a hoot? Two hoots?
I am not: rich
I believe: what people say
I dance: very badly
I sing: to myself
I cry : in private
I don’t always : try hard enough.
I fight : when I’m pushed to the wall
I write: when I want to
I win: at caromboard
I lose: mostly gracefully
I never: know what to say when I’m in the spotlight
I always: try to be on time.
I confuse: myself when I have to read a map.
I listen: when asked to.
I can usually be found: reading.
I am scared: of losing my loved ones.
I need: love and understanding.
I am happy about: being tagged.

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Anonymous said...

thanks fr taking up the tag... i liked the "to travel travel travel - in comfort!" part... heheh...u are happy to be tagged?thats so sweet! :D