Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sunday Scribblings - "Vision"

Vision – tunnel, blinkered, short-sightedness, lack of foresight - all these are perfect descriptions of a certain organisation with which I’m familiar. They’re getting a new accounting system in, and apart from the finance controller and his deputy who will have access to the system at any and all times, only one person will be able to log on at any given time. That’s not one person from each department, or even one person from each office. It’s one person from the entire organisation.

Doesn’t seem like much?

Consider that the organisation has over 100 employees. That it has over half a dozen branches in half a dozen places. That most branches have 3-4 people among the staff who have to use the system to raise invoices, make payments etc. And then think about this – if one person from any office is logged in, nobody else gets to use the system.

Why? Oh, because enabling more people to access the system means higher licensing costs, and never mind the chaos caused.

That vision I was talking about? The descriptive prefix is probably not tunnel or blinkered or short-sighted… it’s “lack of”.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, guess it will affect you too!!! Nice one, talk about pennywise & pound foolish. Gee

hari said...

Hi Shyam,

Looks very much like a scenario in a owner managed Indian Corporate Entity.

Now i realise after all its a Corporate legacy inherited by Indian enterpreneurs from their British ancestors.

How are u doing. Do visit my blog, though blogging only sporadically.

brinda said...

another sunday's come and gone. where's the scribble, then?