Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yet another choice nugget

Give me a good painting of something I can understand and appreciate (and marginally do), like nature or portraits, something I recognise as art. Or even something I cant understand and cant appreciate but also cant do, like streaks and slashes of clashing coloured paints on a large canvas. I’m willing to call even that art.

But don’t give me a
rock wrapped in a cotton sheet, call it art and offer it for ridiculous amounts as a “Tracey Emin original. As far as I’m concerned, the only originality here is the artistry of this Tracey Emin in carrying out this con-job in broad daylight – probably with the approval of “art connoisseurs” who are loaded with money rather than sense. Are you wondering who the whack-job editor/reviewer was, who thought this piece of “sheet” worth endorsing in public? I’d like to know, too... but for the moment I’m going to assume that the entire Art section of The Independent have rocks (covered with hand-embroidered cotton sheets, no doubt) in their head!

I bet Tracey Emin didn’t even embroider the sheet herself. That would be too much like real art – or real effort.


meerkat said...

she is absolutely the pits. i dont want to comment on personal attributes but she is quite horrible as well when you see her on tv.

either it is a case of emporer's new clothes or she has some hold on all these art afficianadoes, she constantly comes up with talentless, unimaginative rubbish.

my rant over. can that be an abstract art and win an awardr

Anonymous said...

What the....? I thought it was a joke when I first read it. But $2800 (sorry, that shd be pounds, but cant find the symbol on my keyboard) for that shit? And all that shit is actually called art? Man she's got guts, peddling this sort of stuff, in the first place. Just tell him to come to me, I can wrap rocks even better than she can! But please dont tell me that there are actually nutters out there who buy it? (I know the answer to this one already). Gee

shyam said...

Meera: I'd pay for your rant... although probably not £2800 ;) I gotta agree - Tracey Emin looks weird and the one interview I saw of her, she was dead drunk - on live TV!

Gee: I wouldnt mind £2800 for some of MY artwork...

??! said...

Ahh, art. It's so funny though.

Anonymous said...

man alive don't even get me started on this

I couldn't agree with you more, its just absurd.

btw check this out (when you are calm)

I still dont get it, and neither does anyone I presume

Nice blog, btw.. keep writing!

shyam said...

??! - I suppose it is, once you get over the fact that crap is routinely set out as art. :)

Anon: Thanks!

Teesu said...

Oh, how easy it would be to create a duplicate. I bet a duplicate I make could be better than the original! (Not going to try though) AND, no one would EVER know it is not the ORIGINAL, ahem.

'Kalladi' dhaan for this kind of (f)art.;)

Meera said...

i suppose you are all familiar with her unmade bed. how that piece of shit won the turner prize, i will never know. i had sworn not to see it much less pay money for it. however, when i was in amsterdam someone gave me 2 tickets for the modern art museum. unfortunately they had a retrospective on her 'art' and it was so bad that i was seething. i like modern art, it can be witty, skillful, artistic, inspirational and fun. but with this rubbish, the joke was on you the audience.

there was an entry an year later for the turner prize where the artist had used elephant dung to adorn some of his paintings. his shit was way better than anything emin could make or 'conceive'. i feel that all these major art awards just a cliquey thing where people within the circle win it. of course most of these modern art you see are 'installations'. i.e. these artists dont even bother to make it. get some flunkeys to make what you have conceived, like the cow in formaldehyde or the skull embedded with crystals.

anger management classes, here i come