Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's not lunch time, but I'm hungry and hallucinating...

White rice, pressure-cooked and roughly mashed while still hot with cooked thoram paruppu in a chatti in which nei has been freshly made so that the brownish kasandu at the bottom of the chatti are mixed properly with the rice and dal; then mashed some more with spicy thick vattha kuzhambu made with marathakkali and sundakkai (not with vengayam or poondu or verkadalai, although those variations are acceptable in other circumstances), and served in a steaming hot mound on your plate along with keerai masiyal with karuvadam in it, and crisp alu curry...

That, my friends, is a little bit of Tambrahm heaven.

For those not in the know:

thoram paruppu = tuvar dal
chatti = Indian wok
kasandu = residual milk solids from clarifying butter to make ghee or nei
nei = ghee/clarified butter
vattha kuzhambu = tamarind gravy to mix with rice
marathakkali, sundakkai = dried bitter/sour berries used in South Indian cooking. Dont know what they're called in other languages
vengayam = onions
poondu = garlic
verkadalai = peanuts
keerai masiyal = boiled mashed spinach
karuvadam = Click here for photo and explanation


brinda said...

mmmm... keeping the crisp potato curry constant (and maybe an appalam or two as well), what about rice, paruppu and tomato rasam? or chinna-vengaya sambhar and rice? more little bits of Tambrahm heaven, no?

Teesu said...

Shaashtaath yennoda cousin dhaan. Suthi podanum. For your hallucination. May it never go away;)Better still, may it become real very soon...and may you share it with me!

Ravi said...

Shyamala, I thought it was "manathakkali"! But wonderful narration though. I could literally smell the steaming rice, nei kasadu, karudam, paruppu saadam. wow!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

hmm... now i know what to ask for lunch tomorrow! muahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I just finished dinner..but you got me drooooooling!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you know what..I went to get vegetables this evening with the sole purpose of finding me some avarakkai, coz I couldn't (can't) get the image of your avarakkai curry out of my mind.

Anu said...

(Goshdarnit! Now you've gone and put me in a Vatha Kuzhambu coma and it's not even 10am yet!)

Three cheers for refusing to put up with brats!!
It’s just appalling how often parents want you to turn a blind eye to their kids’ tantrums and flailing about or worse, consider it cute!!

Let me know how the Japanese shop turns out.

just another mommy said...

Come on over! My mom made the exact vathakuzhambu today! I also made ghee for my son that's available as well :)