Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pink flowers


Lekhni said...

Lovely embroidery! Machine or hand? either way, I admire anyone who has that much patience :)

shyam said...

Hand-embroidered, Lekhni :) I dont have a sewing machine and dont know how to use one!

Kamini said...

Just - wow!
You have so many talents!

Teesu said...

Very nice:)

Anu said...

Hi Shyam,

Such lovely compliments…thanks (blush blush)! I've been sketching off and on for a bit now, but I've been trying to get started on watercolors as well.

Drawing Disney characters is no small feat; hurray for that!

Imagine that! You lived in Dar-es-Salaam too…! I was there for 2 periods; first from soon after birth until 4 years (c. 1983), and then for about a year when I was 11. Can’t remember much about either sojourns; would have to ask Dad for details!

I can’t thread a needle to save my own life; but what amazing embroidery you do!! Absolutely beautiful colors and detail...:)
Have you been doing it for long? I couldn’t imagine doing anything even half as fabulous! Knitting about 3/4ths of a scarf every winter is about as much needlework I do.. ;)

shyam said...

Kamini: Not that many, and not that talented either. Just above average :) But thanks! :)

Teesu: Thank you! :)

Anu: I cant knit, although I'd like to learn now... and I guess I've been embroidering since the last 5-6 years, I guess. I used to do a lot of fabric painting earlier, didnt have that much patience for embroidery. And now look at me! :D

umm oviya said...

wow, that's so beautiful... is it a wall hanging? how come you don't wear glasses if you are into needlework and books!

shyam said...

Umm Oviya: Of COURSE I wear glasses - pre-programmed for it genetically, and not helped by all the reading and embroidery I do :) I'm wearing contact lenses in that photo above.

shyam said...

PS. It's not a wall hanging - yet. It's not that big in any case - perhaps 6" square or so.