Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A passing thought...

Odd how the offspring of actors always take to the silver screen - or try to (and when I say "try", Mimoh Chakraborty comes to mind. The world must rue the day that Mithun married moon-faced Yogeeta to produce him.) Are there no cerebral movie star offshoots that might have shunned the career-path of superstar papa or cine queen mummy and instead chosen to be a scientist or doctor or teacher or someone who actually works for society's benefit? Does anybody know of any such examples at all?


umm oviya said...

it's not so mindless... there are actors (not stars) who are intelligent. and this is an art form for them. and not to mention the kind of employment it provides to a whole bunch of people. and it entertains. can't really write off movies. even hindi ones. it serves a purpose. even if it's not always an intellectual one.
but of course, actors (and all of us for that matter) should be responsible in choosing whom they procreate with, so that they don't churn out mimoh-like mutants.

Anonymous said...

well, actually the new lot's quite smart that way. Instead of being on-screen, they are working alongside and behind it in some fine ways.
Rajinikant's daughter - sondarya is doing some cool stuff with graphics and like.
A few south (telugu actors' kids)have chosen regular careers - Shobhan Babu's kids, VaniSree's daughter's a doctor, Savitri's daughter and son are doctors and a few more exists am sure. They escape me now.

But ultimately, it's hard not to want to follow your dad's/mom's footsteps, as that's what you see while you grow up. very much like doc's kids become docs, prof's kids stick to academia, and such. It's the environment more than the genes imho.


s said...

the latest news in cine circles in Kollywood is that Maniratnam-suhasini's only son has joined the communist party of india...so for all you know he might plan to bring about a red revolution in india for society's benefit and shun cinemas...oh he's only 17 by the way

Kamini said...

What? Actors don't work for society's benefit?!

Berry Blog said...

It seems an easy way to go however compared to the rest of us who venture through the long journey to get into films. with the contacts already there, why not? So many young actors claim their screen star parents didn't use their influence- but it's hard to believe they didn't while countless young talents never got a chance. I still have students who ten years later are trying to qualify for unions such as ASCAP etc. they get caught in the trap: "you must be union to work for us and then you must have professional experience in order to get your union card. How much different must that be for those whose family is already "in".

nobe said...

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Lekhni said...

Well, if the offspring did pursue other careers, we wouldn't hear much about them.

Second, I know at least some instances of offspring starting on the path of pursuing other careers. (Telugu filmdom's Nagarjuna comes to mind - he had an MS to boot) Then they realize that (i) the money is much better in films (ii) if you are in a "film family" your path is made so much easier.
Why travel the harder path of establishing yourself in a different profession when you have an easy way to make big bucks staring at you?