Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We had an earthquake

And I slept through it.

I slept through it!!!


It woke Pete at about 1a.m, he said. He thought it was an extremely noisy goods train or something. But me, I slept through it. I've experienced only one earthquake before, quite a few years back - in Madras of all places, and it was a fairly mild one. It wasnt scary, just exciting. The crockery rattled, as I recall, but not much else happened.

I've no doubt that I would absolutely hate a full-sized quake with all its attendant horrors - loss of lives, damage to buildings, and so on, and not the least, even a possible tsunami following. But a wee little tremble of the earth? I wish I'd been awake for that.

I dont suppose the folks in Lincolnshire, at the epicentre of this 5.3 magnitude quake, would see it my way though. We probably got the .3 of it in Shrewsbury, they got the whole caboodle!


~nm said...

Hehehe..happens.. :D

So are you remorseful that you didn't feel it or are you glad you didn't feel it or are you indifferent that you didn't feel it? :P

brinda said...

awww... maybe there'll be another one specially for you...

Anonymous said...

Oh I know what you mean..I missed that Madras earthquake was so mild that I couldnt feel it coz I was walking.
And was feeling really bad about it till I felt my next one..I was asleep that morning and thought someone was shaking my bed...was the earthquake that caused the tsunami...felt quite horrid later that I was excited I felt the earthquake :(

Hema said...

I was in Ahmedabad on jan26th 2000when the Gujarat earthquake shook our home, and everything in sight. Our car was jumping up and down and the tyres had flattened in the 1 -2 minutes that the tremour lasted. It was scary but also an experience of a lifetime! As, you said, just be thankful you were not jolted out of your bed!

CW said...

You aren't the only one who can sleep thru' a quake ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was born during an earthquake, walked through an earthquake and didn't realize it and slept through an earthquake.

I don't really like earthquakes.