Friday, February 08, 2008

Phew! It was the blast, not the bullet

UK police say blast killed Bhutto

Well, whoop de doo.

And this little nugget of information has enriched all our lives how?

Oh wait, it didnt.

Then perhaps the establishment of the "blast-not-bullet" fact improved the social situation in Pakistan and brought back to life those others who were ALSO killed in the blast.


So why WERE those British policemen sent there? Were the Pakistani police/ISI guys not capable of establishing the momentous fact that the blast, not a bullet, killed Benazir Bhutto? Or would the world not have believed them?

I'm just wondering whether that time and effort couldnt have been spent more productively.


brinda said...

heh. oh, did you know that the pak authorities said it was NEITHER the blast nor the bullet that killed her? it was the sunroof of the car... i trust THAT enriched your life in some small way... seriously though, this was good for so many people -- the investigation, i mean. the scotland yeard guys got to work in pakistan, the pakistanis can all yell blue murder about neo-colonisation (are not our police good enough, etc), the Indians are busy feeling bloody smug... saying such a thing can never happen HERE (no no, not the killing -- the outsourced investigation!)

brinda said...

um... YARD (this editor is on leave!!)

Shyam said...

Hm, ok, maybe I can feel a little smug - I dont see this being outsourced in India. :) I mean, we refused aid for the tsunami victims, we're THAT competent!

meerkat said...

since you asked :-)
i am going to try and explain. basically PPP are trying to put the blame of bhutto's death on the govt and hope the juggernaut of indignation and outrage wins them a landslide victory. bhutto being killed by a bomb blast means that alqaeda is probably responsible.

if instead she was killed by a gunman, it means that it is govt sponsored as they must have let the gunman through (not very logical, but works with the populace). hence the refusal of zardari to let them have a post mortem

the govt on its part wants to defuse such talk and put the blame on a common enemy, i.e. the terrorists. getting the scotland yard means more credibility. no one can really say that the yard is influenced by the govt. hence in the elections with a bit of vote rigging they can win.

therefore her mode of death is a moot point. lecture over. khuda hafiz


Teesu said...

Super post, cuz. Enjoyed the point you made about how our lives have been enriched:)