Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Muslims, unreasonable? Surely not!

I find it so irritating – and disheartening – to read news like this… I mean, if the spread of deadly diseases is restricted when doctors wash their hands and forearms, where’s the harm in following that rule? I doubt that any male doctor is going to be overcome by sudden uncontrollable lust on catching sight of female Muslim forearms just before a major operation.

Hygiene experts say that no exception should be made on religious grounds – and so it should be. Seriously, even for devout female Muslim doctors, shouldn’t the Hippocratic oath take precedence over everything else, including any social rules imposed by religious beliefs? If it doesn’t, they shouldn’t be in the medical profession at all!

And they wonder why Islam is seen as a restrictive, backward religion and its “true followers” unreasonable…


brinda said...

you KNOW that there's bound to be death threats and fatwas after this, don't you? those reasonable followers you mentioned are more than likely to take umbrage, yes?

Shyam said...

I dunno, given the loooooooong list of things to which to take umbrage to, I figure I'll be dead of natural causes before they get to me :) I hope.

meerkat said...

all these women should sit in a dark room in their houses and not come out. another prize catch was that woman who wanted to wear a full veil and teach in the school in leeds. so showing any part of their skin will cause lust in any male/female who sees it. but they are such exemplary creatures that they can see other men/women through their veils and not have any lustful feelings.

we should protect ourselves from the lustful glances of these women by insisting that they wear blacked out glasses, ear muffs, noseclips etc when they come out in normal society so that they cannot use any of their senses and protect us from their lustful nature. they already leave their common sense behind when they come to public places. surely leaving other senses behind is a natural progression.

when we go to a hospital can we then specifically ask that no muslim woman is taking care of us as we are worried about acquiring infections. or will that bring the usual 'racial and religious discrimation ' joker card out.


Shyam said...

Good point, Meera... the thought did cross my mind that I wouldnt want a female Muslim doctor to attend to me, if ever I find myself in hospital.

Also, if they can play the religion card, so can everybody else. For instance, MY religion forbids me from getting infected by unhygienic medical practitioners! :D

Teesu said...

These should not choose the medical profession if they cannot abide by all that it takes to 'be in the business'. After all, they can regard it so:'pei-kku vaaku patta murunga maram yeridhaan aanum' (Tamil). Just like they put up with oher things in their religion that DEEP down they may not like personally, they must think of the old proverb that says Work is religion and just wash up!

Shyam said...

Teesu: Too right! But you just wait and see, the hospitals will start having separate "scrub rooms" for Muslim women doctors. I wonder if Muslim women patients insist on being fully covered even during an operation?

UL said...

That's the silliest thing I have ever heard! Why on earth do they call themselves doctors, I am flabbergasted! Can they get any more ridiculous?"Grow up children"(that was sarcastic btw, even children tend to have more sense). Now you have me wondering if they would die rather than get a pap done! Of course, it can be done by a female, I suppose they dont worry about lesbians ! *smirk*

Shyam said...

ul: Oh I wouldnt call them children. These are supposed to be rational adults, for heaven's sake! Why even think about medicine as a career if you cant abide by the basic rules of hygiene before surgery?

myrtle beached whale said...

Great post. They have two choices as I see it. Find another religion or another profession. There are plenty of both available.

UL said...

and oh welcome to SS, nice to catch you there

meerkat said...

here is another great nugget
you cannot make it up.


rads said...

There ought to be some situations where common sense would supercede blind beliefs.

Thank you for dropping by! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, I feel I should help to clarify this a little bit. I'm afraid that the male community members these women are surrounded by ARE pretty lustful.

I've been in areas of the UAE for example, where I have with my very own eyes seen men get turned on by women all hidden in black. And they make NO attempt to hide it.

The grab, they lunge, like uncontrollable, rabid little boys who have never grown up.

So I'm afraid these women imagine all men are like that, and can't imagine a world where a man can look at them with respect and complete disinterest (or even the ability to hide it well-I call this the mark of civilization).

And OF COURSE, the onus is on them to hide themselves, instead of educating their menfolk about what 'discretion' means.

I personally have found it much more effective to live in an environment that has respectful men.

*shrug* Sucks to be them.


umm oviya said...

really? don't believe it. but let me give you a different perspective. the more accommodating the government, the more unreasonable these people get.
i live in a muslim country, here in the gulf. the muslims wouldn't dare protest about anything here, if the emir decreed something.
i don't think they are comfortable with freedom, basically. they misuse it immediately. dictatorships are what keeps them in line.