Saturday, January 29, 2005

Is Jacko really whacko?

The latest about Michael Jackson is that the American jury is going to see the British documentary (Martin Bashir's Living with Michael Jackson) where Jacko said that he let boys sleep in his bed(room?) and didnt see what was wrong with it. I believe this was the focal point for the American authorities to start the investigation into his alleged sexual activities with minors. And, of course, until Jacko himself announced it on television, nobody had the least suspicion that anything was wrong in Neverland... exactly how true does that ring?

I have my doubts about the charges brought against Jacko... Granted, he's an eccentric to beat 'em all, rich beyond any normal person's wildest dreams, definitely a musical genius and an amazing dancer. That said, though, he's not stupid. Nobody who got that rich, who's made such brilliant music, who overcame childhood abuse to become a success on his own, could be stupid. Misguided in many things, yes, including the increasingly grotesque efforts by way of plastic surgery to look "white", which have ended up making him look more like a zombie than anything else. Misguided, but not stupid.

I'm certain that Jacko would not have said what he did to Martin Bashir in the interview if he had only known the trouble that it would bring down on his head. His Public Relations Manager (and he would certainly have had the best) would NOT have even imagined that Jacko would seal his fate with those fatal sentences. If anybody had realised that, I'm sure Jacko would NOT have been allowed to say it at all. Very likely, he had only tried to create some controversy that would put him back in the limelight. And boy, it sure did. Only it was ALL negative.

Is it really feasible that Jacko would admit on TV, before millions of viewers, that he was actually having carnal relations with minors? And not only that, but that he didnt see anything wrong with it? I think it's more than likely that he meant literally what he said - that he let boys sleep with him in his room. (And what are the odds that his bed alone could well have been bigger than the average apartment?) What he did was not strictly normal, but that's no reason to assume that it was child abuse, either!

A man like Michael Jackson, who's wealthy, successful and famous, who is admittedly a kook and always in the news for his kookiness, is the perfect target for scamsters. Like, for instance, the parents of the boy who was allegedly molested by Jacko. They demanded justice, but decided that a payout of an unnamed sum in an out-of-court settlement was compensation enough. Does that sound like truly concerned parents? Not to me.

Parents who truly cared about their son's welfare would have followed through on their accusation, taken Jacko to court and exposed him for whatever they thought he was. But no, they settled for money and their 15 minutes of cheap fame! So, in my opinion, what they got away with was blatant blackmail of Jacko, who was screwed in any case (pardon my french) - he would have been vilified whether he'd taken them on or whether he'd tried to nip the trouble in the bud by offering the out-of-court settlement. A no-win situation for him, and a totally win-win situation for the greedy parents!

It's probably true that X-rated magazines and videos/DVDs/whatever were found in Jacko's house. And why not? Dont millions of people own such things? So what if Jacko's prints AND the boy's prints were on one DVD? The boy was a guest at Jacko's home. He would certainly have had enough opportunity to look around and be nosy. And given a chance, wouldnt any hormone-crazed, red-blooded teenager sneak a look at X-rated magazines or movies if he possibly could? I'm no lawyer, but it would seem that Michael Jackson is being pilloried for being weird and rich.

I used to admire Whacko Jacko, and now I just feel sorry for him.


Anonymous said...

And I thought I was the only soul left in the world who still felt Micheal Jackson's not so bad afterall.. I infact liked that Interview!

Thanks for the write-up.. nice post! :)

F e r r a r i said...

Nice post Shyam. But I think even I need to be reminded that you are not a lawyer. Pls do remind me frequently that you arent ;-)

None said...


yeah, jacko's been hit below the belt. it's perfectly possible, they've had him in. plus i dont think those kids were naive enough not to know or stop. the whole damn thing sounds screwed up, if you read the testimony the boy gave at the hearing.
i have a feeling this one's not so straight (er :)) as it looks.

Prabz said...

Why would Jacko Settle outside the court if he is not guilty? :-?

I sometimes feel he is just doing a publicity stunt.. Now that not many talk about him.. like eminem or ludacris.. You know.. it can only happen in America..that filthy rich like paris hilton wants to be in spotlight it a self made porno or a scandal..