Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cut off and abandoned

It's been a really frustrating couple of days. First of all, the broadband connection at home decided to conk out for over 48 hours... a calamity of monumental proportions for someone like me who is addicted to the Internet - whether it's checking the news sites or my emails or reading the blogs of friends and strangers. All calls to the customer service (I have a small three-letter prefix for that word - "dis") folks only resulted in vague explanations (once in such a strong Malayali accent that I decided to drop any attempt to understand).

And when the connection DID return, I discovered that my blog had undergone strange and arbitrary changes. My posts were intact but every other customisation on my blog had inexplicably disappeared. Which is the reason for the new skin, if anybody's wondering... I thought that if I had to put back everything manually, I might as well give my blog a new look. So, blogger friends, no more pink from me. It's gonna be blue all the way... until the next unannounced disappearance of vital parts of my blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Shyam it looks to me as though ur new skin is the same as mine. IF so, beware, as Hari wrote to me saying that it starts acting funny after a to u sometime in the UK.