Thursday, January 27, 2005

Here I go again

New skin, because the old one was a bit too blue and I'm not as blue as all that any more. Also been warned that the blue one was apt to crash out for reasons unknown. I've already had that happen with another skin for no known reason, so I'm not eager for a third such incident in less than three weeks!

But the main reason is, orange is really my favourite colour and I found a skin with bright orange on it. (This oughta satisfy a few of my pals who think that I ought to walk around in an orange glow looking at the world through orange-tinted lenses. Maybe I do at that... but then luckily it's such a lovely colour!)

Hello everybody, I'm back in the UK! It's great to be back but, as usual, it will be a few days before I shake off the strange feeling of seeing too many "white" people around! Heheh.
Got lots to do... for starters, I have get all the photos organised and put some of the more interesting ones up on my blog. Maybe I'll write another post on my Travelblog, but it will have to wait till I get the photos sorted so that they can add some much-needed interest! Brows


Anonymous said...

hey shyam, orangeu glad to be back? phew! i tried SO hard to work that in, i can't manage to say er... write, no type (u know what i mean!) any more :-)
PS: this was inspired by that ancient old knock-knock one. remember? if u dont, here goes: knock knock. Who's there? banana. banana who? knock knock. Who's there? banana. banana who? knock knock. (and so on a few dozen times. then finally:) Who's there? orange. orange who? orangeu glad i'm not a banana.

and orange I glad we're on different continents right now :-))

Shyam said...

Brinda!!!! Henceforth you shall show ONLY appreciation for any puns I make :) My worst pun couldnt be a fraction as dire as yours! Oh my poor, punned-upon favourite colour...

Anonymous said...

nice n bright, ur blog is now. will call u sometime *hopefully soon* GEe

F e r r a r i said...

This blog looks coooool in Haloscan as well :-)
Shyam, we didnt take pics in hot breads :-(( I forgot to bring the camera

hari said...

Hi Shyam,

That looks quite good really. But I think you have suddenly changed the resolution. The font looks so small in my system and i do not know how to correct it.

Sowmya said...

Hey Shyam
So, had a good trip to India? Looking forward to seeing your photos.
r u missing the mosquitoes? ;-)