Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A somewhat dismal epiphany

The pretty, slim, small, vivacious girl inside me is not going to see light of day in this lifetime.

Better luck next time around, I guess.

PS. I dont think I belive in reincarnation. But I'm not entirely sure.


Anonymous said...

i can't lie. i am sorry. i can't say things to make you feel better. but you are pretty. and given the number of friends you have, i am pretty sure you are vivacious. maybe not loudly so. small and slim can take a hike.

Anu said... ummom said:

pretty - check
vivacious - check
slim - perhaps not qutie what you envision

So 2 out of 3 aint too bad eh?

Reincarnation - hmm - "there are more things on Heaven and Earth Horatio than that we ever dreamt of in our philosophy!"

But did you catch Hawking's latest on there being no heaven??

Pollux aka Paps said...

Now, what? And Why?
Second everything that V says above. And who is pretty, slim, small and vivacious - no one I know. You can't have it all, y'know?

Kamini said...

Oh Shyam, don't you go falling for the "slim is beautiful" ideal. You look great as you are, and I cannot imagine a shrunken version being any better!
Eat, and enjoy life!

U said...

Why on earth do you want to be small? So you can smell people's underarms on the tube?

You're not thin, but you're not fat, you're just the right size the way you are.

You're Pretty and vivacious already!