Monday, August 03, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - "Anticipate"

Some of the things - significant or petty, cool or pathetic, whatever - I'm looking forward to:

- Our next holiday. Undecided as yet where and when (or even if, to be honest), but the anticipation of possibilities… oh, the possibilities! A week at a cottage in Norway? 10 days on a Greek island? 2 weeks to be divided between Boston and Seattle? A weekend in a European city?

- Travelling with Pete, anywhere

- Visits from family & friends (if and when they materialise – you know who you are, you masters/mistresses of procrastination and waffle)

- Checking out an Indian fast food place in Birmingham to see if it’s street-food-style food is authentic.

- Harvesting bell peppers, golden-yellow French beans and lots of chillies from my plants

- Keeping my new and extremely precious curry leaf plant alive over the winter to come

- Watching the new Harry Potter movie, whenever

- Being able to watch Law & Order – SVU from the very first episode to the latest one, all in order

- Owning Scrubs – the entire series

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