Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday Scribblings – “Fantasy Dinner Party”

The rules are:
- you can invite anyone, living or dead
- you have a table that seats eight, but as you are one, you can invite seven people
- you have to explain why you'd invite them

And for bonus points:
- what would you serve them for dinner?

I’ve already done this – or something like this - as a “tag” awhile ago, but I’m never averse to doing another version. (Also, non-Scribblers, please feel free to actually take this on as a tag, if you like, and link back to your blog/Facebook note/whatever so I know?)

Guest No 1: My dad, the consummate bon vivant. Essential to any gathering because he could get anybody or anything, even a tree-trunk, to open up about their life and times – and what’s more, he’d find the tree-trunk interesting (and probably even get a life lesson for me out of it)!

Guest No 2: Emperor Akbar. A fascinating character from Indian history - a patron of the arts, a cruel yet generous ruler, illiterate yet open-minded enough to be well ahead of his time and his religion. He would be most interesting, I think. (Hopefully he’ll have learnt English, somehow, before he comes to dinner, or communication might be a tad difficult.)

Guest No 3: Erma Bombeck. One of my favourite funny writers. Would she be as funny, as wisecrackingly, charmingly cynical in real life as she was in her books?

Guest No 4: Michael Jackson. Just so I could ask him all the personal questions to which I’d like answers, and thus set all the gossip mongers at rest, and also perhaps get him to perform a moonwalk live.

Guest No 5: Bill Clinton. Because he seems like a charming person for a politician (that he told so many lies is neither here nor there – ALL politicians are liars, but at least he’s one of the few who is easy on the eye!)

Guest No 6: David Gilmour. The best of the Pink Floyd band. He’d HAVE to sing one of his songs. If he wont give any more public performances, that’s the least he can do.

Guest No 7: Pete. Because my husband would NEVER forgive me if he was left out of a dinner party thrown by me with David Gilmour as one of the guests!

No 8: Me, the host(ess) (but not a Twinkie).

Menu: Takeaways from the best restaurants. You dont think I'd be slaving over the COOKING, surely?


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Bit miffed I did n't make the list heh heh...oh, well, neither did SO many others, eh? Anyway, I would definitely have done the moonwalk for you so...there's another reason just for ME!

What a FUN post! I go be copycat now.

brinda said...

Clinton over Obama? Not talking politics--just aesthetics :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmm... looking at the list. dunno if any of them are gonna be on my table. of course if you are gonna bring something nice, i will invite you :) gonna think up my list.

Pollux aka Paps said...

8 is too few for me!!

Old Grizz said...

Michael Jackson's answers would not be accepted even if he were alive and on national TV. With in 5 minutes they would say it's a clone. He and Elvis will be seen singing at the Indiana State Fair sometime next summer.
like your idea about carry out. why cook?

Radha said...

And here's my list, Shammi:

Radha said...

Sorry, here's the linkety link.

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