Tuesday, July 28, 2009


- People who start/accept a game of Scrabble, and if it looks like they’re losing, they either forfeit immediately or simply abandon the game. FINISH THE EFFING GAME!

- People who drive at 25mph in a 60mph zone under the impression that they are “driving safely”. They are NOT! They are the primary cause of road rage.

- People who drink too much and then spend the entire evening glued to me, saying the same boring nonsensical things over and over till I could scream.

- People who bring sodding huge pushchairs/buggies (festooned with bags full of “bargains” from trendy shops) into narrow aisles, with not an apology for getting in the way of others.

- Gale-force cold winds that shred my plants beyond hope of recovery, and rain that drowns what's left, even though it's supposedly summer.


ra said...

Hear, hear. i would add to the list people who refuse to play scrabble with me.

meerkat said...

sorry, i will take my turn soon on scrabble

shyam said...

Ra: I'll play scrabble with you any time! :)

Meerkat: :) Hey, I wasnt referring to you! You're in the lead, in any case :)

Kamini said...

Now, now, take a d-e-e-p breath and calm down!
Phew! I'm glad I'm guilty of none of the above!
We've been having a pretty weird summer as well, here in New York.

Lekhni said...

You can keep the rest of those culprits; please send me the rain alone :D

30in2005 said...

Something I am not proud of - when I was 11 I was playing scrabble with a a family friend (journalist student) and I was losing terribly. I tossed the whole board in the air and there were scrabble tiles coming out from under the sofa cushions for years after!!! Needless to say I was grounded - and was my lesson in being a spoilsport.....

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

What's life without some peeves? Love discussing them...next time we meet. ;)