Saturday, August 22, 2009

Have I ranted about this before?

People who wait for something with, apparently, "baited" breath.

What do they bait it with? Worms? Flies? And are they fishing, by any chance?

It's "BATED" breath - as in, short for "abated", which means to lower or slow down or simply hold. Holding one's breath while waiting (with impatience or excitement), is what the expression actually MEANS!

Or do they do that just to bait me? (Yes, since you ask, I AM feeling a bit persecuted.)


ummon said...

yaaaaaaaaay i'm the first here :)
as long as they are not 'bating' an award for their writing, forgive them.

Pollux aka Paps said...

i recently read something about 'hoards of children' ;-)

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

So, you took the bait, shyam:). I wait with bated breath for a new post from you! I am with you in your 'ooonded' moment, heh heh.

Radha said...

Believe me, Shyam - some people who say this really do have their breath baited - for the next carrion-feeder that comes along... yuck!

But I agree - why do EDITORS not know the difference between "baited" and "bated" OR "flare" and "flair"? I was just reading a book (published in England, yet) that had both these statements in different sections, of course:
"He felt a flair of jealousy"
"She had a flare for ..."

And these are supposedly people whose mother tongue is English. AAAAAAAAAARGH!!

Kamini said...

Feeling better after the rant? It maddens me that people who write like this get their stuff published!

TBC said...

I love rants like this one.:)
How about those people who don't seem to know what the word "rant" actually means and yet use it so generously in their posts?! Grrr!

I think that those who don't have a flair for writing just shouldn't!!! Grrr again!

OMG! I turn into a really mean person whenever I come here.:(

Anonymous said...

Umm: Wouldnt be surprised if they got an award anyway :) Sorry no prizes for "first here" :)

Gee: WHY would someone want to hoard children? :)

Tees: Yabba! :)

Radi: I know, I agree!

Kamini: I always feel better after a good rant :)

TBC: Hmmm... I quite like your rant too - but should I be offended by your final comment? :)

- Shyam