Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday Scribblings - "I dont like myself. I'm crazy about myself" - Mae West

Huh. It took me a while to figure out what Mae West had meant, because on first read it sounded like two contradictory statements. Until I read it out aloud with the emphasis on the word "like"… and then I got it - Mae West didn’t just like herself, she was crazy about herself.

Oh-kay. One thing sorted.

I don’t know what I can brag about with regards to myself. There are some things I’m proud of for myself, but I don’t consider them brag-worthy because they don’t make a difference to other people or help make the world a better place. However, I leave it to all my half-dozen readers to decide if all these are worth peethifying (Tanglish for bragging) about. As for me, I’ll still love those things about me :o)

- I never hurt anybody if I can help it (not since my late teens, at any rate).
- I’m a speed reader of most fiction; a bit slower if it’s non-fiction.
- I spot editing mistakes almost automatically.
- I take pride in spelling/pronouncing words right in whatever language I learn.
- I don’t like artwork/embroidery to be shoddy so I take pains to do a neat job (not applicable to housework).
- I don’t swear much, I’m pretty much a teetotaller (except for the rare occasions that I’m not).
- I tend to trust people until proven wrong.
- I cant hold a grudge for long – time and distance invariably dull the edge of resentment. That isnt to say that I forget the incidents, though. Forgiving is easier than forgetting.
- I could brag in exhaustive detail about how lucky I am in having the best family and friends, but I won’t – I’ll just say that pretty much all of them are wonderful people, open-hearted and intellectual, well-read, educated and a lot of them chronic overachieving all-rounders (in the best way possible), and possessed of a great sense of humour. Just like me... although the intellectual overachieving all-rounding bits kinda sorta passed me by.


Kamini said...

You're being too modest - there's a lot to be proud of in what you've written - your qualities are what makes the world a better place, and you seem like the ideal friend to have! No wonder you have the kind of family and friends you do!

Linda Jacobs said...

And your writing is brag worthy! Good job!

Anonymous said...

What I think is most peethifiable is your sense of humour. :-)

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Hello, where is all this modesty coming from? Runs in the family in streaks maybe?;) If YOU are not the intellectual over achieving all rounder sorts, where can I 'keep MY face'?!!
Besides, you are pretty brag-worthy from even in these nine points. (Eye openers some). In true Tamil, nee 'yengioooo poittey' yakkao...:)

hari said...

Wow Shyam,

You must surely be proud of yourself as a perfectionist grown, nurtured and breathing in an intellectual background.

Anu said...

Hi Shyam,

I figured you out for such a warm, brilliant soul from just the banter we've exchanged via cyberspace...! :) I have no doubt that these precious qualities are only more vivid in person; and I really hope to meet you someday!
You and your loved ones are truly blessed, indeed.