Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cooking marvellous

Bloody chefs. Especially, bloody BBC chefs! They put up what seem like simple, inexpensive, sometimes vegetarian, recipes on the website, and you feel mighty thrilled… until you look at the ingredients and discover that an essential item is something exotic that you don’t get unless you go to great lengths to source it on the Net and import at huge expense – which pretty much negates whatever little simplicity and economy there was in the first place.

Not every place in the UK is London, which is to say that outside of London, shops and supermarkets don’t get much more exotic than Spar or Tesco! Not every person who wishes to cook outside of his/her comfort zone is privileged to travel to exotic places to collect unusual ingredients in person! The least these bloody chefs could do is state where they sourced the PepperJack cheese or pomegranate molasses or really anything else that’s probably commonly available in whichever country it’s from, but – and I wish the chefs would realise this - NOT IN THE UK!

On a scale of 1-10 on my Rant-o-Meter, this one logs in at 8.


umm oviya said...

i've always believed that these cooking shows are not for people like you who like to cook. it's for people like me who look at it as spectator sport. so i don't care if the ingredients are available or not. but on a boring dinner day, eating my roti and dal, watching rachel ray cook up some yummy stuff, soothes.
having said that, what is pomegranate molasses? just curious.

mumbaigirl said...

Write a complaint to them!

??! said...

What - you don't have time to wander the coasts of Cornwall collecting sea-kale? Or strolling through the Lake District looking for truffles? For shame, woman, for shame!

Berry Blog said...

I haven't visited in a while, but caught this one. It seems that beef stew is beef stew unless at the right time you throw in a tsp of red wine and a rare bean kurd paste from Tonga and then it rises in status to nectar of the gods. Ihave a long shelf of cookbooks that all do this to me with every damned recipe.
-Charlie, that old guy in Maine

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

You need to post this post as a comment on their website.Ooooooh. Won't that be loverly?

angelinjones said...

The BBC Food team are an incredible bunch - and they KNOW their food and they will be shamed when they see this blog, with its wish-wash of probably misused culinary terms, and a poorly written noodle recipe - unforgivable, considering I spent a bulk of my time reading and editing recipes!
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