Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why a public loo, George?

What is it with George Michael and public loos? He was caught “in a lewd act” in a public loo in LA, and now he’s gone and got himself arrested for being in possession of crack cocaine – again in a public toilet.

Granted that it’s been 10 years since the LA loo episode, but my question is – what’s this fetish for toilets? Does ol’ Georgie not have a home where he can indulge in lewd acts with whomever he wants to his heart’s content, without offending anybody? Or where he can do drugs without getting himself arrested? Public toilets can't be the most hygienic of places, so wouldn't it be a lot more comfortable for him in his own toilet (or toilets) in his £5-million-pound mansion?

He’s old enough to understand that public toilets are… well, y’know, public. He’s old enough to know that doing drugs is wrong at best, and illegal at worst. He should definitely be jailed for being in possession of a Class A drug, and no pathetic “show of remorse” should work for him – although the police HAVE let him off and he’s left the country, so it HAS worked for him, and I guess there’s also no point saying he shouldn’t be let off.

However and anyway - he SHOULDN’T have been let off!

Still, cant help wishing I could have seen him live in concert – I did (do) like a lot of his music. Bar that barf-inducing “Last Christmas”, that is. It's really the world’s WORST song for inclusion in Christmassy song collections. Has anyone actually listened to the lyrics? The only bloody connection with Christmas is the word “Christmas” ... otherwise there is effing nothing else to do with the spirit of the season.


Pollux aka Paps said...

Shyam: How the mighty have fallen, eh? Still, some of his music is/was good.

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

The biggest blow was when I found out he's gay (long ago -- although the loo incident confirmed it;)! Not that I would have been allowed anywhere near him if he had been straight. Sniff.

Nice voice...and some great songs.