Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday Scribblings - "Wedding"

I’ve been musing a while now, on why celebrities bother getting married, when invariably they get divorced in a year or two or three. Sometimes it only takes weeks or months before “true love” gets defenestrated and the “eternal soulmates” part ways, heartbroken for a couple of days, before popping up with the next “true love”. There are a few exceptions to the hordes of quick-marriage-quicker-divorce… although, haha, nobody but Tom Hanks comes to mind at the moment. (He IS still married to the same woman - whoever she is - isn’t he? I’m not up-to-the-minute on Hollywood gossip.)

So ok, why do they go to all the trouble of spending millions of dollars on glitzy weddings, when the statistics – personal and general – are proof that the marriage will not last longer than it takes for the next candidate to be lined up? Could it possibly, possibly be the triumph of hope over experience? (That's the uncynical way of looking at it.) Or - this is favourite with me - is it that they will do anything, up to and including having a baby and naming it something bizarre, just to be in the public eye?

Not being a celebrity, I wouldn’t know if fame is really addictive, even though a very large part of it consists of negative comments, gossip and intrusion in private lives. I also cant imagine wanting to live in the public eye all the time (that actually sounds painful for the public eye, but what do I know), but then I’m a private person and don’t like being the centre of attention at all whatsoever. I cant state that strongly enough. But I do like to think that even if I were rich beyond my wildest dreams, and – god forbid – in the limelight for any reason, I would still consider marriage sacred and not a multi-million-dollar publicity stunt.


umm oviya said...

tom hanks is married to rita wilson. and then there is travolta and preston, schwazenegger and shriver...
as you can see i'm rather up-to-date on hollywood gossip.
but i think they marry to prove they are not commitment-phobic or gay.

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

They marry because weddings are supposed to be romantic and fun. They divorce because marriage is about NOT getting on each other's nerves and working towards that! Besides, with too much money and fame, maybe it's easier to plan weddings than actual marriages? He he. Wise, catty owl I certainly am;)

Kamini said...

Like you, I enjoy and cherish privacy and solitude, and simply cannot understand how celebrities and politicians bare their lives for the whole world to scrutinize and comment upon. And how they appear to survive through multiple heartbreaks baffles me completely. But then, it takes all types to make the world, I suppose.