Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunday Scribblings - "Coffee"

That expression “Wake up and smell the coffee”? To me, it’s literal. There’s not much that smells nicer than freshly brewed coffee in the morning, but I’m not so much a fan of drinking coffee as inhaling its heady aroma. I think coffee smells much better from the outside than from the inside, as it were… when it’s stale, it’s horrible, whether it’s in a cup or on somebody’s (or your own) breath. Don’t get me wrong, I do drink coffee and I do like it – but I like it made the South Indian way, with fresh decoction, if it’s at home. If I drink coffee outside, it’s only Saravana Bhavan’s, although I haven’t had that in years now… *sighhhhhh*

What about *Starbucks?

What about it, then? Call that coffee???

*(Although I admit to drinking their mocha light frappuccino (sp?) once in a while.)


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

I am Garfield in that poster that says something like..."After my morning's coffee, I am the sweetest so and so around." Yup that's me and mayyybe, this also runs in the family. Kaapi na kaapi dhaan. Besh besh...ROMMMBA nalla irukku! ;)

Ravi Kumar said...

same here... i like the smell more than the coffee...and yes i like the south indian filter coffee

brinda said...

you mean you never used to drink rileway tashun kaapi? only saravana bhavan, indeed!!

ss said...

I like ALL coffee except the artificially flavored ones like hazelnut etc.
When I was a student and could not afford repeated Starbucks, I used to linger outside the shop before going to class - for the smell - it always gave me a jolt of energy!

Anonymous said...

aaahaaa...have not had SB filter coffee fro ages! Starbucks...not sure what the big deal with that u i like my filter coffee...still remember my chitti calling out to me as she is walking from the kitchen with two tumblers aathifying the coffee and saying "lathu, konjo coffee" every 1 hour or so...two small sips of coffee, gone in a swig - true madras filter coffee..narasu's style :-) nostalgic moments :-)