Friday, August 01, 2008

Tch tch, the standard of editing nowadays...

Seen in an article in The Telegraph online:

"The need to buy ever more powerful computer hardware soon outstripped the founders' credit cards and they sort (sic) backing from outside investors."

That's "sought", dear Telegraph sub-editor. Sought. Past tense of "seek". Sought and sort sound the same, but mean different things. In short, they're homonyms. (Do look that up in a dictionary, because really that doesnt have anything to do with anybody being gay.)


brinda said...

sort indeed! maybe you should have sort a job with them... (mind you, that's a horrible sentence even with the right word in!)

hari said...

Wow Shyam. How can the editor of Telegraph have a sound sleep everynight if he has reader editors like you.