Friday, August 15, 2008

Berry amusing

Overheard at work recently:

Somewhat irate caller to my boss : Why haven’t you responded to my email and phone calls?
Boss, just as irate : I’ve left only about three bloody messages on your answerphone over the last couple of days.
Caller (a bit deflated) : Oh. Really? Odd, I didn’t get them.
Boss (triumphantly) : Well, obviously your bloody strawberry is no bloody good then, is it?

*sound of muffled giggles from my corner*


Kamini said...

I've heard it called a Blueberry! Yes, berry amusing indeed!

kowthas said...

I read this first thing in the morning and am giggling uncontrollably! :D

globalindyan said...

LOL! My boss calls it her crackberry, since she is so addicted to it.

Hey, thanks for your comments on my blog. I would like to blogroll you, if that's okay.

varali said...

Strawberry - haha!

Have you heard about the IyyoPod?

Orange Fronkey said...

what? i don't get it? =|

shyam said...

Merino: :D He said "strawberry" when he meant a BlackBerry - you know, the super-smartphone which allows you to text, email, fax, surf the Net, etc? :)

Teesu said...

Tsk tsk, shyam. Loffing at your boss and all!

~nm said...

About 4-5 years ago I would invariably call it blue berry :D