Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunday Scribblings - "I dont get it"

Somewhat late with this prompt because I was away for the long Easter weekend. I would have skipped it, except that the prompt was so tempting – I mean, who doesn’t have “I don’t get it” moments or issues, right? Right.

So here are a few of the things I. Just. Dont. Get:

- Maths.
Apparently mathematics can prove that we humans - and probably our world - are non-existent. (Figments of somebody’s imagination – which, by the way, are also illusions.) How useful is it to know that? We don’t exist because a mathematical formula says so. Oh hang on, the mathematical formula is illusion too. Don’t you just love theoretical proofs that validate hypotheses picked from thin air?

- Hunting, especially foxes, as in the UK. I know foxes are severe pests, but there are more humane ways of killing a fox than to chase one all over the countryside and have the hounds finally tear it apart. A colleague of mine loves hunting, she says, because it gives her the opportunity to ride cross country. Well gee honey, just ride cross-country, then. Dress up in fancy clothes if you must, tootle on a horn if you like, get together with like-minded horsey folk, take all the dogs for a collective run. And oh yeah – oddly enough, all this can be achieved without torturing a fox.

- High-fashion labels. Gotta be the biggest con job of all time, renewed several times every year. Why pay ridiculous amounts of money for a bag or a dress or a scarf, only to advertise somebody else’s name? What’s the big deal about being a walking – if very expensive – advertisement? And paying for the privilege, how dumb is that?

- George Dubya Bush. Need I say more?

- All the Big Brother series, anywhere in the world. I simply don’t get how people can waste their time watching a few selected misfits and losers have their inane conversations and pursue pointless relationships.

- Sports clubs and fans. What’s the ritual about having to buy and wear team colours and scarves just to watch a game on TV at home? Makes sense – just - if you’re watching a match live at a stadium, but otherwise who would know or care what armchair sports fans wore at home?

- Formula One racing. How can grown men (and maybe women?) sit and watch cars that sound like demented mosquitoes go round and round the same bloody circuit for a 100 or more laps?

- Child Maintenance Payments. Why is it that £100 a month (or sometimes less) is deemed enough to take care of ALL the needs of a child from a non-affluent family, while celebrities’ children apparently require millions? Shouldn’t bringing up a child cost the same, frills apart, no matter in which section of society? Why should rich kids need brand-name clothing and food and schooling when a poor kid can apparently get by on Tesco’s Own brand of everything?

Ok, on this one I can actually see the other PoV too – if I was poor and my ex-husband a gazillionaire, I probably wouldn’t be very amused to receive £50 a month for fulltime child maintenance! But still…

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Anonymous said...

Hey, all of these were funny and/or feisty.

Don't know why I missed this post of yours!