Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bad form, very.

Man jailed for killing woman on first date

He rushed it, that man. He should have waited till at least the third date.

Updated to add: This was meant to be black humour aimed at that stupid headline which makes it sound like his crime was killing her on the first date. Since it didnt quite come across as I'd have liked, I'd like to say that I meant absolutely NO disrespect at all to that poor woman who lost her life to that monstre. Like I said in my reply to the comment (which prompted this explanation), I'm glad that evil b*stard got a life sentence. It's the least he deserves, preferably in solitary!


Teesu said...

This world seems to be churning out more sickos by the minute. I AM scared!Besides, this whole dating thing is overrated me thinks. 'Umble opinion.

meerkat said...

while i realise that it is not meant to be that way and is just black humour, your post comes across as very unsympathetic and a bit callous towards the victim. sorry, just my two pennies worth


Shyam said...

Meera: Just black humour, that's all... I'm so glad he got a life sentence. I hope he never ever gets parole.

meerkat said...

i know you wrote it sarcastically about that man and i have no doubts about how you feel about the cruel and mindless violence. maybe i am being a bit too sensitive.