Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A pleasure beyond measure - but why?

I like chocolate. I’m choosy about the chocolate I eat – I don’t go for the supermarket brands like Cadbury’s whose sugar content is higher than the cacao content. Even from the pricier European brands, I only like those with nuts in, and preferably whole hazelnuts (Ritters’ Sport being my all-time favourite for the highest ratio of whole hazelnuts to chocolate). Otherwise I tend to prefer dark chocolate that is not as cloyingly sweet as the regular or milk versions.

However, I’m certainly not crazy about any chocolate to the point of addiction. One or two squares (or individual sweets) at a time usually satisfies any small urge I might have. If I buy a bar of chocolate, I don’t feel the compulsion to eat it all rightaway – or even open it, sometimes for weeks. (However, if Pete sees chocolate – any chocolate...!)

But why is chocolate mostly always associated with women? I know plenty of men who love chocolate just as much as any women, my husband being a prime example. So why is it that all the TV adverts for chocolate feature women in the eating role? I havent seen any ads where the man bundles a girlfriend out of his house, locks the door, whisks out a hidden bar of chocolate, settles comfily on the sofa and then proceeds to break off and masticate a piece of chocolate with all the facial expressions to indicate a pleasure beyond measure. Is chocolate better than sex only for women? Sure, women have more hormones than men - but don’t men have any hormones at all that can be soothed or improved by chocolate? Ideas, anybody?


~nm said...

I am not as self controlling like you. I have to finish the chocolate in one go and I don't like sharing my chocolate. :D

And about showing women in chocolate ads, I remember an ad showing a guy drooling over chocolate but that ad didn't get famous. :).

CW said...

Men have more hormones that are modulated by alcohol(!) Chocolate & beer/wine have a certain group of chemicals in common!
I'm only half kiddin ;-)

Orange Fronkey said...

My dad is a chocoholic but we have to hide it from him since he's diabetic. I know few other ones who go nuts over chocos too.

I think too much of chocolate is a huge slap in the face.. so I share it =P. I particularly love Lindor Lindt truffles, Raffaellos.. toblerones and Giradelli chocolate squares.. YUM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shyam!
All of us at home are chocolate freaks and totally love the 'fruit & nuts' variety! Reading this has made my day coz we have to check it out "Ritters’ Sport being my all-time favourite for the highest ratio of whole hazelnuts to chocolate!"
Thanks for sharing that bit!