Wednesday, December 19, 2007

At random

Seven reasons to turn down a marriage proposal:

1. The proposal letter begins with “Dear Madam or whomever it may concern”.

2. You know he’s a momma’s boy.

3. The reason you know this is because momma is standing behind you, holding up flash cards as prompts for him.

4. He’s putting together ideas for his first anthology of poetry, to be dedicated to you – but until then he’ll need looking after.

5. He says his two wives have been asking him to bring in a third person to make up a bridge team.

6. He’s a commune Elder and you’re 14.

7. You’re already married (unfortunately or otherwise).


Orange Fronkey said...

LOL!!!!! =P

Elizabeth said...

....and not if he`s a wimp.

My godson stood up at the Show of Presents and said he couldn`t go through with it. I`ve never seen a room empty so quickly in my life...

His mother tore into him. She told him exactly what he was, and what a great girl he was losing. But he was scared. Eventually he said he would like to make up with her - "but would you phone her for me, Mum?"

I can`t repeat what his mother called him then.

Eventually she got him to make the phone call....

...and his fiancee told him exactly where to shove the wedding ring.

Sensible girl.

Anonymous said...

hey shyamala, was directed to your blog by lakshmi(of qtol/theyumblog.wordpress fame) and have been reading on and off since. i couldn't resist dropping you a comment after reading this post of your's. i loved it! can i please use some of your fabulous reasons to put off marriage discussions with my family? pts.1 and 2 would fit in nicely with a no. of 'candidates'! :P :P :P lol.
i hope you dont mind comments by random ,unknown people.