Friday, August 03, 2007

No, I dont feel sorry

Kafeel Ahmed's death from his burns doesnt make me feel sorry for him. Maybe a little pity for his parents and family and to some extent his friends... but nothing at all for him. There's hardly anything more reprehensible than an educated, well-read, affluent man stooping to the level of trying to kill innocent people who have done him no harm, motivated by nothing more than religious belief. So, yes, I think he deserved his 90% burns. I'm sorry that he died without actually being forced to help with police enquiries. I'm sorry that he didnt get to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison. Most of all, I'm sorry that he turned out to be an Indian. But I'm not sorry he was badly injured while trying to kill members of the public.


And what the flaming HECK is
Idi Amin's SON doing in the UK? What IS this country, a repository for the families and friends of all the world's worst dictators? Should we expect Mrs George Dubya Bush and family to relocate here eventually?


umm oviya said...

Ouch, ego bruised! Anyways, I remember you for 3 reasons. One, cos Lakshmi/Maya used to mention you. Two, cos you were in BL and I used to drop in to meet my mentor/ex-boss. Three, cos your cousin is one of my best friends!
I joined express in 1995. There till 1999, then I moved to Qatar.

Shyam said...

Ok, NOW I know you :) I didnt realise Umm Oviya = Vani, although I should have guessed, really.

umm oviya said...

Yeah, and seriously, what is UK playing at, giving refuge to all these murderers. Don't they ever learn?

Latha said...

Hi Shyamala, I like this blog more than your food blog.
Whole day I was fuming as Rajiv Gandhi awards were given to Salman khan and shilpa shetty. What have they done?
Salman has killed many platform dwellers and some black bucks. And shilpa, I can't even talk the things she does.
Even I have no sympathy for people who don't respect others rights.
Good work. keep writing.

Broom said...

UK will accept all the terrorists here as refugees and I have to struggle with my immigration even though I am a well behaved (mostly) and tax paying person.