Tuesday, July 31, 2007

8 things I'm proud of

Yes, yet another tag. Don’t you just love ‘em? This time it’s good ol’ Broom who tagged me wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back - I guess that’s in return for me tagging her, also wayyyyyyyyyyyy back. I love it when a good deed passed on bounces right back to me! Heh.

Right. 8 things I’m proud of.

One. My family – my late dad, my mother, sister and brother, and now my husband too. (I wonder if that counts for one thing or five?). Anyway, they’re the best anybody could ask for, irritating traits and all.

Two. Managing not to give in to familial pressure to get married to various guys deemed “suitable” (but not in MY view they werent!). Also, to clarify - I wasn’t being pressured to marry various guys at the same time! My family are law-abiding and besides, I’m no Draupadi.

Three. Acquiring enough patience (dunno how) to take up embroidery and stick with it. Wonder if age has anything to do with it.

Four. Learning to talk professionalese on the phone to clients. I hate phones! And sometimes the clients.

Five. My friends. Thank goodness for them and the easy relationship we share.

Six. Surviving my work experience in Singapore.

Seven. The 6 different rose plants in my patio - all with heavenly fragrance. All growing, too!

Eight. Finally finishing this tag. It's been sitting around awhile!


Shruthi said...

ROFL! esp at Draupadi :D

kiwilax said...

Shyam: one more thign you can be proud of - your food blog;-) I have been recommending it everyone I know...

Anonymous said...

I agree .. Shyam's food blog with it's pics & details is really cool.

These tag posts are a lot of fun to read ..


Sujata Tarakesan Kannan said...

I hope cousins are in the same bracket as friends:)

Shyam said...

You betcha, Teesu! :)