Thursday, August 09, 2007

Here we go again

Burglar falls out of 4th storey window, sustaining serious injuries. Home-owner arrested for burglar's fall and injuries. No doubt the burglar (eventually) or his family will be suing the home owner for inability to "work" and subsequent loss of income (due to injuries sustained on the job).

Maybe the homeowner pushed the burglar out of the window, maybe he didnt. If he did, I still consider it reasonable. The thief might well have been the non-violent kind, not inclined towards the murder of his unwitting hosts, but how was the homeowner to know that? A quick exit for the burglar via the window - only fair considering it was the entry point as well - would have seemed much the best choice at that point and I cant blame the homeowner if he took the chance. I personally would have thought it bloody weird if he had ushered the potential burglar politely out of his front door with a friendly pat on the back!

PS. Oh, and it was only an "alleged" burglary, as of course there are legitimate reasons for somebody to be climbing through someone else's window on the fourth floor without invitation in the dead of night.

PPS. Oops, the burglar was climbing through the window at 6.10am, not in the dead of night. Hard-working fella putting in overtime, evidently...


Shruthi said...


CW said...

They should probably be extradited to the 'fine' city and given a lesson or two on how 'real' justice works ;)

Orange Fronkey said...


30in2005 said...

I can't bear the litigious nature of life anymore...nothing and no one is safe (clearly - unless you are a burglar).

hari said...

Hi Shyam,

How are u doing. Long time since I have come here. Howz life.

Anyway the Moral of your post:

Even to a Burglar you show only the door and never the window.

meerkat said...

good news is that the home owner has no charge to answer now as per the judge. so in the end some common sense atleast. i guess there must have been zilch evidence against the home owner, otherwise they would string him up so that they are seen to be doing their duty.