Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some cartoonist

As is usually the case when it comes to Allah or Muhammad being satirised, Muslims are up in arms - legally, by suing - about the Prophet being "depicted" as a person (albeit a cartoon one) in Charlie Hebdo magazine. Apparently the cartoon insults all Muslims by suggesting they're all terrorists - but Christians and Jews are also represented in the cartoon. So, going by that particular bit of reasoning, most of world's population (bar Hindus and minor religious communities) since nobody represents them) is made up of terrorists. Yikes.

But that was not why the cartoon caught my attention. To my eyes, the supposed "Muslim" in the cartoon looks like a Sardarji... the turban isnt the right kind. I find that offensive, although I'm not sure on whose behalf - the Sikhs or the Muslims. Shouldnt someone sue the cartoonist for not knowing the difference and thereby being potentially offensive to two different religions?

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