Friday, February 16, 2007

Have a nightmare on me, do!

Argh! Does NOBODY think that the little story in my previous post was scary??? I'm beginning to feel that perhaps I overreacted to it in remembering the damn thing at all, through all these years… or maybe my story-telling technique isn't what it should be?

I might be a crap raconteur (is that word only used to describe someone who tells funny stories, not scary ones?) but the ingredients for classic nightmares are right there in my bland description. Imagination is where it's at, folks. Could somebody kindly have a nightmare arising from that story and – this is absolutely vital - LET ME KNOW? Thanks.


KiwiLax said...

Hey, I did leave u a comemnt, saying it was scary - maybe it was a time warp in whihc case it is scarier still as it could happent to any of us. Whatver hap to that comment?

30in2005 said...

I think dreams can be exceedingly scary and have been through a few rather gory nightmarish ones myself. Your story telling skills are just fine!!!! I probably won't have a nightmare from it but I'm sure people reading this around the world are quivering in their boots and holding their eyelids open with matchsticks to avoid bad dreams!

Nice new look to your blog!

shyam said...

Lakshmi: Dunno, I didnt see your comment in the prev post - thanks for repeating it! :)

30in2005: *snicker* I hope people ARE quivering in their boots (what, in bed??) and holding their eyes open with matchsticks! :)

Glad you like my blog's new look!