Monday, January 25, 2016

A Tap On The Window, by Linwood Barclay

9/100 My gosh, this list is progressing really slowly. Anyway, better slowly than never, so today's book is by an American author called Linwood Barclay. I've been reading his books for a while (chanced upon one in - where else - my library, and never looked back from there). This book is called "A Tap On The Window", and it's a bloody good read, like all the books by this author.
Set in a small town, the story starts with private investigator Cal Weaver making the mistake of giving a teenage girl a lift in his car late at night. His intention was to question her about the suicide of his teenage son but it doesn't quite pan out as intended. When the girl is found dead the next morning, naturally the police suspect him of the worst, especially as another teenage girl is missing. The pace is exciting as Cal tries to solve the puzzle, which seems to involve most of the town. And then there's the mystery of his son's suicide, too...
I guess Linwood Barclay's books are the literary equivalent of junk food - addictive like it, greatly enjoyable, and delivering what's needed when you crave it. I believe I couldn't recommend this author more! ‪#‎100bookpact‬,


Anu said...

Hate to sound picky and petty but Linwood is a Canadian author - yes American born - sort of Ted Cruz in reverse??

Shammi said...

American, Canadian... same difference? ;-) No, I'm kidding. Thank you for letting me know, Anu. You weren't being picky or petty at all! Accuracy is very important!