Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Observing myself

I've been aware that of late, most of my posts on this blog seem to be snarky rants about things or people or situations or... so, pretty much anything, really. And yet I'm not really a morose or negative person at heart. I just wanted to make that clear, because my posts aren't really giving the impression of a mostly happy person, are they? The one thing I'm incurably cynical about is politicians and their self-serving greed, but that's really it - anything else that annoys me is forgotten once the source of annoyance is removed. 

And yet this blog brings out the ranty side of me, and I can't explain why I feel the need to record my irritability in this manner. I used to be funny with my outbursts - or at least I like to think I was funny - but now they're just outbursts, the kind of thing where if I was writing an old-fashioned Letter to the Editor, I'd sign myself off as "Pissed-Off in Shrewsbury" or "Disgusted in Market Drayton" or some such. Rants aren't fun unless they're funny, right?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that my writing muscle is getting weaker and not receiving much nourishment; my ability to put words together in an amusing way is declining. I don't want to make the effort to be funny. I don't feel like putting forward my opinion on current events because it's going to change nothing while simply adding to the general babble online. I'd just rather read other people's writing than bother to put anything together in a coherent, cohesive manner, because it takes effort. So this is less a rant and more a ramble. I can't help wondering, though, if my writing mojo will... well, reconnect with its mojo. Watch this space along with me, won't you?

Monday, October 06, 2014

If you can't do with being outed as a troll...

... the best thing is to not BE a troll. I refer of course to Mrs Brenda Leyland who presumably killed herself after being outed as a troll who was saying nasty things to the McCanns. She may not have believed that Kate and Gerry McCann were innocent of their daughter's disappearance - that was entirely her right. But to say abusive things about them or to them, hiding behind the perceived anonymity of Twitter... well, I personally don't think that makes up any part of the right to freedom of speech. Mrs Leyland totally abused that freedom by trolling the McCanns anonymously. I only wish that all such cowardly, vicious trolls could be outed and shamed.

Everybody has nasty thoughts at one point or another, or even at many points (yes, me included *gasp* I know - unbelievable but true), but as long as those thoughts stay unexpressed, nobody's going to get hurt.

And not the least, I don't see why Martin Brunt should have to resign for doing his job. All he did was track her down and reveal her for the troll she was. He didn't hide behind anonymity and say vile things to her. I feel very sorry for Mrs Leyland's son, but I cannot find it in myself to forgive her... not once, but twice over. Once for being a cowardly troll, and again for being cowardly enough to take her own life instead of facing the music.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Tell me why

Who/what gave men the idea that skinny jeans are a good look on them? It's such an awful, awful, idiotically girly look. Not as bad as jeans drooping down the ass to display the underwear, but close enough. Close enough. As Snoopy would say: "Bleeeeagh"