Monday, October 06, 2014

If you can't do with being outed as a troll...

... the best thing is to not BE a troll. I refer of course to Mrs Brenda Leyland who presumably killed herself after being outed as a troll who was saying nasty things to the McCanns. She may not have believed that Kate and Gerry McCann were innocent of their daughter's disappearance - that was entirely her right. But to say abusive things about them or to them, hiding behind the perceived anonymity of Twitter... well, I personally don't think that makes up any part of the right to freedom of speech. Mrs Leyland totally abused that freedom by trolling the McCanns anonymously. I only wish that all such cowardly, vicious trolls could be outed and shamed.

Everybody has nasty thoughts at one point or another, or even at many points (yes, me included *gasp* I know - unbelievable but true), but as long as those thoughts stay unexpressed, nobody's going to get hurt.

And not the least, I don't see why Martin Brunt should have to resign for doing his job. All he did was track her down and reveal her for the troll she was. He didn't hide behind anonymity and say vile things to her. I feel very sorry for Mrs Leyland's son, but I cannot find it in myself to forgive her... not once, but twice over. Once for being a cowardly troll, and again for being cowardly enough to take her own life instead of facing the music.


Kamini said...

Yes, the anonymity of the Internet has unleashed these people who, in an earlier era, (presumably) kept their nasty thoughts to themselves. The fault also lies with the moderators (if indeed they exist) of these sites who are fast asleep at the switch. Or perhaps they welcome the traffic that these trolls generate and turn a blind eye to what they are saying. Perhaps a solution is to ignore them...and then hopefully they will go away?

Anu said...

Great to see you posting again.

I think we are all guilty of having nasty thoughts. In fact I often find myself mentally composing nasty, rude comments, but of course I don't post them!

Brings to mind the anonymous letters in Enid Blyton books - "Did you know anonymous writers are the lowest of the low" - was the sentiment expressed!