Sunday, November 02, 2014

The poor shall inherit the earth...

but the rich will destroy that inheritance first. Well, what other conclusion can you come to, when the governments tax the aam aadmi (common people) for all sorts of "environmental reasons" until we squeak, and the rich get to pretty much do as they please? Take Richard Branson, for example - he was - and is - actually, seriously planning to send his fellow rich on what were essentially joy-rides into space... just because he and they could. How much more elitist could you get than that? And how could they ever justify such blatant, selfish exploitation of the earth's resources? It's not like Sir Richard is manufacturing his own fuel from scratch and therefore doesn't need to justify anything, is it? No, what he has the capacity to do is buy thousands and thousands of gallons of the stuff (or rather, the oilfields that provide the fuel and the refineries that process them), because he is obscenely rich. I've said this before - if the various governments really cared about the earth and its natural resources, they would put a stop to the private ownership by single individuals of aircraft and spaceships and supercars and the like, and make everybody use the same sort of transport to facilitate the most economical management of available resources. But that ain't gonna happen anytime soon, is it? Not while politicians can travel first class - or even private class - on public money without spending any of their own.

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