Thursday, April 11, 2013

A time to whine, a time to laugh

During a Skype video chat with my mother and Sanaa yesterday, Sanaa was somewhat cranky and capricious, one moment wanting to go out and play in the cold, then wanting to take off the cardigan she was wearing, then refusing to throw her basketball through the basket on (my) request, and so on until it degenerated into wordless whining, just one step away from meltdown.

My mother tried to get her to actually talk rather than whine, telling her: "Sanaa, stop whining and use your words, tell me what you want because I can't understand you otherwise." But Sanaa just continued in the same vein.

Eventually, exasperated, amma asked her: "Sanaa, what is it that you want to DO?"

Sanaa: "I want to whine!"

I'm afraid I was laughing far too much to hear amma's reply to that.


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Still laughing...